Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Man without legs photographs staring around the world

Montana State film student Kevin Connolly was born without legs and became curious about the constant staring that meets him at every turn, so with camera in hand, he rode his skateboard internationally to document the staring he experiences. (He prefers a skateboard to a wheelchair.)

He traveled through 15 countries documenting the stares he gets. The Christian Science Monitor wrote about him in its Jan. 22 edition (http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0122/p20s01-ussc.html).

Connolly took 32,000 photos and has created an online exhibit, called The Rolling Exhibition at http://therollingexhibition.com/. It's a wonderful exhibit, which allows the viewer to see the world from a unique perspective. Many of the images are visually stunning because of the upward angle that captures aspects of the scene that one usually doesn't experience. I know its theme is the staring but the composition and subjects on the street make many of the images pure artistry. If this is any indication of his documentary abilities, I will be there to buy tickets to his first film.