Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Australia names bronze-medal-winning skier Paralympian of the Year

From ABC-TV in Australia:

Victorian skier Cameron Rahles-Rahbula (pictured), a dual medallist at the 2010 Winter Games, has been named Australia's Paralympian of the year.

The 27-year-old leg amputee won two bronze medals at the Vancouver Games.

Rahles-Rahbula battled back and ankle injuries to make the team.

He says he will be aiming to win gold in Russia in 2014.

"As long as my body holds up, and I keep myself fresh over the next couple of years and have a bit of time away from the sport, then I'll really come home in the last couple of years, train really hard and hopefully Sochi is where I can get hold of a gold medal," he said.

The Victorian says the Vancouver Games were an unforgettable experience.

"After nine years skiing on the team... this is something you work towards in your career to be a Paralympic medallist," he said.

"It was definitely a sense of relief to achieve something I'd been aiming for for quite a number of years."