Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah Palin tells Texas benefit Trig's Down syndrome "rocked her world"

From Catholic News Agency:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently addressed a Houston benefit event for a pro-life organization, saying learning that her unborn son had Down syndrome “literally rocked my world.”

Palin’s comments came at an Oct. 5 benefit at Houston’s First Baptist Church for the Austin-based Heroic Media. More than 1,200 people attended.

“I thought God had given me more than I could handle,” the former Republican vice-presidential candidate remarked. However, she said her son has been a blessing for her and for her family.

“Each morning as he wakes up, Trig rubs his little eyes, looks around and smiles broadly.

“Then he begins to clap, furiously,” she explained. “He welcomes each day with applause! It’s as if he’s challenging the world to ‘bring it on’.”

She also discussed the unwed pregnancy of her teen daughter Bristol.

Heroic Media says it uses television commercials, billboards and the internet to reach women considering abortion and to provide them with “positive alternatives.” The organization reports that the abortion rate has fallen 24 percent in Austin since it began running campaigns there.

Heroic Media’s annual Courage in Life award went to Clarisse Martin, who was planning to have an abortion but chose to give birth to her daughter after seeing a pro-life billboard and contacting a Houston pregnancy center. Her daughter’s name is Mary Joy.

Other speakers at the benefit event included Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick, radio talk show host Michael Berry and First Baptist Church of Houston Pastor Gregg Matte.

Heroic Media reported that it is still receiving pledges and it has already raised enough funds for a full billboard campaign.

The organization’s website is at