Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Zealand scientists says tissue transplants may aid spinal cord injuries

From Top News New Zealand:

After a breakthrough research, scientists are now in quest to conduct treatments for those who have long been confined to wheelchairs.

A clinical trial for people with spinal injuries, which will transplant tissues from their nose to heal the site of the spinal injury, has now got sanctioned by the Ethic experts.

It was earlier reported that no less than five thousand people are unwillingly restricted to wheelchair in New Zealand, all thanks to the ascended casualties and accidents, with the count boosting up each year.

As a part of the trials, twelve handicapped people from places like Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington etc, whose injury occurred between two and seven years will be taken into account over the period of approximately three years. Out of these, six people will undergo surgery while the rest will actually receive stem cells, so that accurate distinctions can be derived.

Noela Vallis, the President at the Spinal Cord Society expressed her joy that their hard work has finally paid off and she is looking forward to make significant improvements of paraplegics.

Dr. Faed from Otago Medical School echoed the same. He asserted that a lot of time and money has gone into this process, and still a lot needs to be done. But, the trials are expected to bear fruitful results.