Friday, January 14, 2011

Three employees at Lubbock State School face felony charges of injuring disabled person

From Fox news:

Three now former employees of Lubbock's State Supported Living Center face felony charges of injuring a disabled person.

Warrants for 22 year olds Lamar Perkins and Shamodrick Atkins note a September 23rd incident involving a resident with severe mental retardation, that was captured on an in-house camera.

Investigators report the video shows the pair pushing, tilting, and lifting a couch, causing the resident sitting there to fall. Nurses report the resident had a bruised arm.

State agency records show when the incident was reported, the workers were immediately removed from direct contact with residents.

Perkins was later resigned and Adkins was dismissed.

A warrant for another former State Supported Living Center worker, 20 year old Teandra McDaniel, alleges she dragged a resident under her care, on September 13th.

State agency records show McDaniel was immediately removed from direct contact with residents once the allegation was reported. She was later dismissed.