Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver says he was teased about his dyslexia in school

From Unreality TV in the UK:

Jamie Oliver (pictured) has admitted that some of his peers used to call him ‘Special Needs’ at school.

The celebrity chef has previously admitted that his education was ‘a struggle’ because teachers didn’t understand his dyslexia and has now set up his own school for children who are disaffected with mainstream education.

In an interview with Closer this week he admitted:

“I was in separate classes at school because of my dyslexia. It’s hard for me to read; I’ve never read a book from cover to cover.”

He added: “The kids sometimes used to shout “special needs!” at me, but in a jokey way, because I was a popular kid. I just accepted it and tried my hardest at the things I was good at. I used to sell sweets from my locker and extra sandwiches my mum had made for me!”