Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New children's book with deaf characters

The book, Splish, Splat! by Alexis Domney and Alice Crawford (Illustrator), is published by Second Story Press:

Book synopsis:

When Colin tells his mom he doesn't like the yellow color on his bedroom walls, she asks around for a house painter. The painting company she calls recommends that she hire two women named Heather and Molly, who happen to be deaf. They spend all day and do an excellent job, painting the walls blue.

At the end of the day they start on the white trim, and as the two women sign while painting the white paint splashes over the blue, leading to an unintentional effect on the walls which Colin loves.

The ugly yellow is gone and has been replaced by a blue with white speckles, leading Colin to announce: "This is a room I can dream in!"

A light-hearted introduction to sign language and how deaf people communicate, Splish, Splat was produced in conjunction with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural lives of Deaf people.