Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In UK, prime-time BBC1 series Silent Witness adds its first character to be played by a wheelchair user

From The Mirror in the UK:

The six million viewers of the UK show "Silent Witness" will be seeing two new cast members in the 16th series which will be screened early next year.

Rising theatre star David Caves joins as forensic scientist and part-time cage fighter Jack Hodgson.

Writer Tim Prager said: “I felt the show could use a shot of testosterone – he is intuitive rather than academic. His volatility adds something different to the other characters, who are more cerebral.

“He is impulsive, full of feeling, emotionally volatile, warm and clever. Jack is like Nikki’s naughty younger brother.”

David said he was “surprised and delighted” to land the role.

He added: “It is a big change for me having just done theatre up to this point, but it’s very exciting to play a new part.”

And in a first for a prime-time BBC1 series, his lab assistant Clarissa Mullery will be played by a wheelchair user, Liz Carr (pictured).

Comedian Liz, who presents on the BBC’s Ouch! podcast, said: “I’m loving playing a character who’s witty, smart and sarcastic.

“It makes me giggle that I’m a forensics expert.

“At school I couldn’t study chemistry and physics because the labs weren’t wheelchair accessible. Ah, the irony.”