Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Sesame Street" episode launches new service dog Muppet

From Canine Companions for Independence:

Don't miss Sesame Street Episode 43, featuring Canine Companions dog Hercules. Hercules helps new Muppet character Brandeis (pictured) find his calling as an assistance dog. The episode airs October 12, November 12 and November 30.

Here's the episode summary:

Brandeis, a yellow Labrador retriever, is looking for a job on Sesame Street. First, Leela hires him to fold laundry in the Laundromat, but Brandeis has a lot of trouble folding the clothing with his paws. Next, Chris hires him to sweep the floor, but he has trouble holding the broom.

Brandeis is sad, but just then, Elmo notices that Gina is working with a dog. She explains that she is training Hercules to be a service dog. A service dog works with people who need special kinds of help. Gina says that it takes a lot of intelligence and training for this career, and Brandeis is up for the challenge! He begins training right away, learning how to do things like opening drawers, turning on lights and picking up and bringing things.

After many weeks of training, Brandeis officially becomes a service dog! He is very excited and nervous about meeting the person he will be helping. Liliana, who is in a wheelchair, is nervous about meeting Brandeis, too. Liliana’s book bag slides off her lap, and Brandeis quickly fetches it for her. She laughs happily and thanks Brandeis. She then asks for a glass of milk, and Brandeis motions her to follow him into Hooper’s store and opens the door for her. Liliana praises him for his hard work. Gina and Elmo agree that that Brandeis found the perfect job!

Canine Companions enjoyed working with the Sesame Street team on creating an episode to increase awareness of assistance dogs helping people with disabilities. Looking forward to the broadcast!