Friday, September 5, 2014

OWN's "The Specials" top fall TV pick in People magazine; premieres as marathon September 7

From People magazine. The OWN website for "The Specials."

Welcome to the ordinary life of some extraordinary kids in Britain.

This sensitive, touching show, which began as a prize-winning British Web series, is about a group of mentally challenged young people living in a supervised home in Brighton.

And of course, hanging out together just as if this were "The Real World" or -- where are the sands of yesteryear! -- "Jersey Shore."

They sing at karaoke clubs, vacation in Malta, date and break up. The difference is the more you know them the more you feel for them and appreciate their company.

This airs as a marathon, by the way, so program the DVR. (OWN Sept. 7, 2:30 p.m.)