Monday, August 24, 2015

'Shaun the Sheep Movie' raises awareness of brain injuries

From Brain Injury Hub in the UK. (The film opened in the USA August 5.)

When Mark Burton started writing the film in 2010, he and his co-director consulted Headway because they story included a character who suffers amnesia after being hit on the head and they wanted to make sure it was handled sensitively. 
Aardman Animations’ hit comedy follows Shaun and his friends on their adventure to the big city to rescue their lost farmer, who was forced to leave his farm as a result of Shaun's mischief. 
When an accident results in the farmer receiving a bang on the head, the farmer is diagnosed with memory problems and it is up to Shaun and the gang to help the farmer. 
The film's closing credits displays Headway’s logo, helpline number and website address alongside with a message saying "Getting a bang on the head can be serious". 
Aardman Animations also produced a promotional photo of Shaun sitting on a sun lounger reading the Headway booklet Memory problems after brain injury. 
Claire Wagstaff-Townend, development manager for Headway Worcestershire said: "Everyone at Headway is proud to be associated with such a popular and well-loved character. 
"We are delighted that Aardman Animations have decided to highlight that people who have sustained a brain injury often face extremely difficult daily challenges and that these challenges often extend to their families and carers. 
"Aardman animations have tastefully managed to strike a balance between comedy and raising awareness of brain injury in a way that children can absorb and understand.”