Thursday, February 18, 2016

DisBeat announces first five 2016 #DisabilityVote initiatives

From DisBeat:
2016 is on track to become a historic election cycle for Disabled Americans. 
From live events –including the Road to Freedom Bus—to political action groups and viral social media campaigns, Disabled Americans are flexing their community organization and electoral power coast to coast through education, empowerment, and promotion of the 2016 Disability Vote. 
Collectively, this national effort of encouraging Americans with disabilities to engage in the 2016 Presidential Election will help ensure that the experience of 56.7 million Disabled Americans is reflected at this moment in American history. 
To participate in this national effort, DisBeat Announces First Five 2016 #DisabilityVote Initiatives. 
Full article can be found here
About DisBeat: DisBeat is a national communications initiative designed to coordinate and promote proactive messaging on disability rights issues throughout the country. DisBeat uses a variety of communication tools, including social media, to bring attention to disability issues from an authentic disability perspective. DisBeat also maintains a database of subject-matter experts, fact sheets and talking points on a variety of critical issues facing 56.7 million Americans with Disabilities. DisBeat is a project of The ADA Legacy Projects. Initial Partners include ADAPT of Montana, Center for Disability Rights, Disability Rights Center, Disability Visibility Project, EIN SOF Communications, Nothing Without Us Media, and Shepherd Center (