Sunday, February 24, 2019

Disabled Parenting Project celebrates the life of Colorado disability advocate Carrie Ann Lucas

By Robyn Powell at the Disabled Parenting Project [used with permission]:

Photo from Carrie’s blog: 

The Disabled Parenting Project (DPP) joins the disability community in mourning the loss of Carrie Ann Lucas of Windsor, Colorado.
Carrie was the dedicated mother of Heather, Asiza, Adrianne, and Anthony. A disabled mother and fierce advocate, Carrie devoted much of her life to disability rights advocacy, especially fighting for the rights of parents with disabilities. In fact, it was her experience as a disabled mother that led her to become an attorney.
Carrie was an active member of ADAPT. In June 2017, she made the news after participating in a multi-day protest to fight the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “This issue is just too critically important for my own independence and that of my children so I felt like it was time to do more,” she told Rewire.News. Her activism to save the ACA is just one of countless examples of Carrie’s tireless efforts to leave the world a better place.
“I first met Carrie when I was writing the National Council on Disability report, Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and their Children,” said Robyn Powell, DPP Co-Founder. “As an attorney, I was inspired by Carrie’s advocacy on behalf of parents with disabilities.
“However, it was her identity as a disabled mother that impressed me the most. As someone who always wanted to raise a family of my own, witnessing Carrie’s commitment to her children made me realize that it was also possible for me. Carrie was one of the best mothers I know and a role model to parents and prospective parents with disabilities,” Robyn continued.
“Carrie Ann was a trailblazer for those of us that dreamed of parenthood. She fought for our rights in the system to have a family and then behind-the-scenes, taught so many of us how to navigate a world that in many ways is not yet ready for families like ours. Carrie Ann invited us to join her in showing that world, Ready or not-here we come,” said Kara Ayers, DPP Co-Founder.
“She took such pride in being a disabled parent parenting disabled children,” Erin Andrews, DPP Co-Founder remarked.
All of us at the DPP extend our condolences to Carrie’s family and friends. We will never forget all she did for our community.