Monday, January 26, 2009

Philippines makes plans to offer discounts to disabled airline passengers

From Business World online:

MANILA -- The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has taken steps that may lead to a 20% discount on airfares for disabled passengers.

The CAB will hold a public consultation on the matter with local airlines, the National Council on Disability Affairs, the Office of the President and representatives from the "persons with disabilities" (PWDs) sector on Jan. 28.

"The implementation on the grant of at least a 20% discount in favor of PWDs sector on fares for domestic air travel [is] in accordance with the mandate of Republic Act [RA] 9442" or The Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, a CAB notice posted last week showed.

RA 9442, which was passed in 2006, mandated a minimum "twenty percent (20%) discount on fare for domestic air and sea travel for the exclusive use or enjoyment of persons with disability."

The law also mandates 20% discounts for public railways, skyways, bus fares, cinema and restaurants, among others.