Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heather Mills says she wants to do downhill skiing in next Paralympics

From Monsters and Critics:

Activist Heather Mills (pictured) has revealed she wants to take part in a Paralympic skiing event.

Mills, 42, wants to compete in the 2014 Winter Paralympics and win an Olympic gold medal for downhill skiing.

Mills, who used to be married to Sir Paul McCartney, lost her leg when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993.

She said to UK newspaper Sunday Express: 'I've been skiing for many years and I'm much better at that than ice skating, so I'm training hard to try to get on the British Paralympic downhill team.

'That would be so great. You know when you set in your head things that you want to do and achieve? Well, I've ticked about 90 per cent of all the boxes, and this is one of the major ones remaining for me.'