Thursday, November 4, 2010

Children with Down syndrome first victims of floods in Malaysia

From All Voices:

A female child was the first victim of the flood in Kelantan who was found dead due to suffocation after falling into the canals near her home in Kampung Kubur Tok Din, Repek at Bachok near here, late yesterday afternoon.

Acting in Charge of Regional Fire and Rescue Station Bachok, Malek Che Omar said the victims were children Down Syndrome, Siti Nor Ikma Mohd Rosli, 12, is believed to play alone in the area, and reportedly fell into the canals at 4 pm yesterday.

According to him, the victim discovered the loss by her family members after she not found in the house, and efforts to detect a failure.

"Family victim suggests the possibility of Siti Nor Ikma falling into the canals after meet her slipper on a nearby cliff," he said when met here today.

Malek said, a team of six firefighters and rescuers headed rushing to the scene after receiving emergency calls from residents concerned and launched a movement looking upon receipt of the complaint at 6:14 pm.

He said the victim dead at the bottom dirtemui at 6:45 irrigation is about 40 meters from the banks of canals in which the victim was left slipper.

He said, Siti Nor Ikma corpses handed over to Police Headquarters last night Dearah Bachok before being sent to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Kubang Kerian mortem prior to submission to the victim's family members.

Malek said the public especially people living in low lying areas are easily flooded advised to continue to monitor the movements of their family members, especially children from playing or bathing in water in order to avoid incidents that could invite the gravest, and may engage in human sacrifice.

He said although the Earth Sciences is a difficult area inundated coastal waters, but the network of canals filled with water that the result of continuous rains during the monsoon season is also dangerous to people.

"People are also advised not to bathe in the beach areas following the rhythms of this season uncertain weather conditions and large waves. Attitude is very important to be vigilant to avoid any casualties occurred during the flood season," he said.