Monday, November 1, 2010

"Glee" actress Lauren Potter to star in new Web series, "Leader of the Pack"

From Los Angeles Broadway World:

GLEE star Lauren Potter (Becky Jackson) has signed on to the new comedy LEADER OF THE PACK web series as Jenny Cole. "I'm so excited because this show is about a boy with Down syndrome and all the people in it are a little different. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see Down syndrome, but when all of the people that are acting with me are a little different, then I don't just see DS, I see just me," offers Lauren.

When series creator Richard Redlin saw a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) commissioned UCLA study indicating that only .01% of all spoken dialogue on TV shows is by a performer with a disability, he decided to do something about it. Richard created LEADER OF THE PACK with the goal of telling a great story and employing more diverse talent, both in front of and behind the camera, than any show in history. Advocating Helen Keller's belief that, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much," he secured fiscal sponsorship from Filmmakers Alliance (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit) and the new trailer shows he's well on his way.

LEADER OF THE PACK focuses on a fun-loving teen, Blake, who has Down syndrome. When his mom takes him to the Special Ed Center each day, Blake's secret life begins. He ducks out the back door and cruises around on his battery powered electric scooter with his pal Joey. One day he spots High School senior Denise and is instantly smitten. She's pretty, smart and determined to save the planet, and when she meets Blake her world gets turned upside down by the feelings that arise. Not to mention Blake is being pursued from the opposite direction by the earnest and adorable Jenny.

Richard Redlin has overcome a physical disability himself following an accident at age 22 that threatened to confine him to a wheelchair for life. He now walks strong with leg braces and crutches and has gone on to produce, write, direct and act in: TRUST ME which garnered two BACKStage West Garland Award nominations: Best Writing & Best Actress; also the short film LEGS with CSI's Robert David Hall (also National Chair of the Performers With Disability [PWD] Tri-Union Committee). Richard produced SUDS ‘The Rockin' Sixties Musical Soap Opera' off-Broadway and subsequent National Tour. He produced / acted in CAROLE'S EVE with Alicia Silverstone and guest stars on an upcoming episode of THE MENTALIST.

LEADER OF THE PACK web series is produced by Richard Redlin Photography Studio LLC, in association with non-profit Filmmakers Alliance with casting assistance from The Down Syndrome Association of L.A. Official trailer / info at