Thursday, November 11, 2010

National ASL Comedy Tour heads to Las Vegas

From the ASL Comedy Tour Web page:

SUFFOLK, Va. – Renown American Sign Language stand-up comedian and performer Keith Wann (pictured), is announcing the Las Vegas debut of his National ASL Comedy Tour on November 13th, at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel.

Since founded in 2008, Wann’s Comedy Tour has not only gained media attention for it’s candid and humorous ASL performances of growing up hearing in a deaf world, but has also received rave reviews from ASL industry insiders and audiences at every tour stop. With 30 million deaf people across the nation to reach out to, Wann has created a loyal fan base for his network of ASL performers.

Fans are known to sometimes drive 8 hours or more to catch a live performance of the comedy team. Often times deaf show goers are accompanied by hearing counterparts, who also grew up in deaf homes and can relate to the humor of the experiences Wann portrays on stage.

As a solo act, Wann has performed to audience numbers of over 100,000 and continues to see an expansion of his fan base wherever he performs. Over the last two years, Wann’s ASL Comedy tour has garnered a collective audience of over 10,000 with an average of 30 shows a year.

Wann’s Las Vegas Comedy Tour stop is no exception to the hype. His performance is generating buzz as one of the most anticipated opportunities for live ASL entertainment throughout Nevada, it’s bordering states, and among Las Vegas’ estimated 6000 deaf individuals.

Best known for his stand-up comedy and rapid popularity through the viral You Tube ASL video parody rendition of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” in 2006, Wann has been performing for over 20 years.

As a hearing Child of Deaf Adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist, and one of the most highly regarded interpreters across the nation. Wann’s reputation has opened doors of opportunity for enhanced Coda and deaf representation in mainstream entertainment.

Wann’s comedy troupe includes other popular ASL and Coda industry artists such as: Windell ‘Wink’ Smith Jr., Gregg Spera, Branton Stewart, Crom Saunders, Peter Cook, and Lianna Carrera, who is hailed as the next Ellen DeGeneres.