Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Texas couple still trying to get daughter with Down syndrome back, after she was taken away because they wouldn't OK meds

From The 33 News. Here's an earlier story about their case.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Chila and Frank Covington (pictured) have spent the last few weeks getting their daughter's room for her return. The Arlington couple hoped to bring 39-year old Ceci, who has Down Syndrome, home to stay.

"She really wants to come back and we want her back," Chila Covington, said.

But that homecoming won't happen for a while, or maybe not at all. A hearing to determine guardianship was set for this week in a Tarrant County Probate court, but the Covington's say it was abruptly cancelled.

"I don't think these judges have any feeling for anything except their own agenda," Frank Covington, said.

Last year, a judge found the Covington's unfit and stripped custody of Ceci in a secret trial called an ex parte hearing. Even though the court stands behind that decision, the couple hoped to get the ruling reversed. Court officials have questions about the family, but the Covington's son says the allegations of abuse and neglect are false.

"It is just a complete shock that my parents could be called cruel," Franko Covington, said.

Covington says he travelled from London just for his sister's hearing and is disappointed it won't happen.

"It is really, really unfortunate."

The Covington's say they suspect the postponement has something to do with next week's elections. They think the judge on the case doesn't want anymore publicity with another probate judge up for re-election.

Judge Steve King says he is prohibited from talking about the case or why it was pushed off. Another court official indicated there was no political reason for the delay.