Thursday, February 17, 2011

"The Middle" child star, who has brittle bone disease, says he loves being "unique"

From WALTER SCOTT ASKS in Parade Magazine:

Atticus Shaffer (pictured), actor, 12, Brick on ABC's The Middle.

WS Are you and Brick alike in any way?

AS Brick is like me in every way, except that I don‘t whisper to myself. I do talk to myself, though. I say words that are amusing to me, like “jalapeƱo,” “belly button,” or “ cappuccino.”

WS What do you do for fun?

AS I love LEGOs, movies, and video games. I also love to hang out with my family and friends. My mom’s my teacher and also probably the best cook on the planet. I’m her little sous chef.

WS You were born with brittle bone disease. How has that affected you?

AS It just means I have to be more careful. It’s a small part of my life—it’s not my whole life. I don’t see myself as challenged or handicapped. I’m unique. And I love being unique.