Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vote for the top disability rights news of 2007

Inclusion Daily Express, an international disability news service, is asking its readers to vote for the top disability rights and advocacy news of 2007. http://www.inclusiondaily.com/news/07/choicetop2007.htm

Inclusion Daily Express is an excellent resource for news about disability topics. Dave Reynolds, editor of Inclusion Daily Express, created it in 1999. "Inclusion Daily Express chronicles the barriers people with disabilities face as they advocate to live and direct their lives. While many problems are the same ones most people who do not have disabilities must address, some seem more common with people who make up this diverse group (and the people who care about them), such as poverty, discrimination, injustice, vulnerability, inaccessibility, loneliness -- being on the outside."

Check it out at: http://www.inclusiondaily.com/.