Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disability advocates say bus stops in Las Vegas unsafe

From KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Safety advocates are coming at full speed, pushing transportation officials to do something about the county's bus stops. In six years, 11 people have been hit and killed while waiting at bus stops.

Just last month, Robin Wynkoop's mother was hit and killed and another woman lost both legs when a truck slammed into the bus stop at Boulder Highway and Flamingo.

The driver's been charged with DUI, but the victims' families are still demanding transportation officials move bus stops back and put up protective barriers. Now disabled riders are joining the fight, pushing transportation officials to do something to make bus shelters safer for people in wheelchairs.

Disabled passengers say there is no room. It's a problem at many bus stops. The space is tight for people -- what about people in wheelchairs? Could they roll through without rolling in the street?

"I am 87-years-old; the only way I can get around is on this," said William Rogers. When he hits the road in his motor chair, it's smooth sailing until he gets to a bus stop.

"They don't allow you enough space to travel in front of them," said Rogers. "When you get old, there is no space for you."

He and other wheelchair-bound riders have to squeeze their way through. "You're in danger if you're not careful," said Rogers.

Chris Christoff and Citizens For Better Transportation have been fighting to improve safety at bus stops. He says thousands of Clark County bus shelters violate the Americans With Disablities Act.