Thursday, January 1, 2009

Man with Down syndrome graduates from university in Turkey

From Today's Zaman in Turkey:

A young man with Down syndrome has graduated from university, what he once called his greatest dream. Olcayto Tunçel (pictured) made his dreams come true when he graduated last August from the department of bureau management and executive assistantship at Anadolu University in Eskişehir province.

He said his new objective is to attend another university and study history. "I studied hard every day with my friends and passed all my exams successfully. I was extremely excited when I received my diploma," Tunçel said. "My parents were proud of me. All my friends called to congratulate me. My aim, for now, is to attend another university and study history."

He advised all people with disabilities to pursue their dreams. "As a young person with Down syndrome, my diploma is of great importance," he said. "I hope my ambition to continue my education will set an example for all other disabled people. I am sure all those who study and work hard will be successful."

Tunçel also said he received job offers from various companies as soon as he received his diploma. "I am considering one of these offers," he said. Tunçel's mother, Hülya Tunçel, expressed happiness over her son's success. "My son's graduation from university was a source of indescribable pride and happiness for us. We have received many calls from parents with children who have Down syndrome," she said. "They congratulated us, and I shared my experience with Olcayto."