Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peter Dinklage rocks "30 Rock"

I've said several times on this blog that I am a fan of both LP actor Peter Dinklage and Tina Fey, so when they finally got together on Fey's show "30 Rock" Jan. 8, it was a perfect storm of happiness for me. And even better was the way the relationship was played, with Dinklage the confident UN official who misinterprets Fey's goofy Liz Lemon hitting on him, when in fact she was tousling his hair, thinking he was a child.

All their scenes were played with the humor being at the expense of the Liz Lemon character, who was the one with a "problem" -- always sticking her foot in her mouth. The point that came through loud and clear is that non-disabled people are the ones who cause problems when they can't seem to get over their discomfort around people who are physically different.

You can watch the episode at