Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"I think it is fun that I have Down syndrome," Natasha Connon says

STV in Scotland has a lovely report told primarily from the perspective of someone with Down syndrome, Natasha Connon. You can see the 5-minute report on its Web site:

Displaying the work of seven London photographers whose children have Down’s syndrome, it challenges conventional attitudes and prejudices towards this misunderstood disability.

In recent times, those who are born with the chromosomal disorder have experienced an increased acceptance within society at large; with greater integration and support.

The five thirty show spent the morning with 19-year-old Natasha Connon (pictured) who is on the eve of completing her final year at Forth Valley College, Falkirk.

She is one young woman that is keen to dispel many of the preconceptions surrounding this disability; which was first identified in 1866 by a British doctor called John Langdon Down.

“They say that people who have Down syndrome like art and drama, but really people like different things…It’s just a wee, small part of who I am.”

Natasha, as well being on target to finish her further education course, has plans to
find work in the catering industry.

“In the future I would like to work in a hotel or restaurant; be a waitress, serve people and take their orders. Go behind the bar and pull pints.”

Natasha is also engaged to be married is already looking ahead to a home with all the mod cons. “I want to have my own house with a mini-bar, a pool table and a swimming pool.”

Back in STV's five thirty show studio Natasha's dad Bob Connon spoke about the support and care that is at hand and how much of an impact this has had on Natasha’s quality of life.

“The support that there is out there is tremendous now. You’ve just got to turn around and there is someone to give you advice and help. Natasha is at the stage now when she is moving on and out into work and there is support to help her with CVs, interviews. People there to give her a guiding hand.”