Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Robert David Hall's character to be focus of this week's CSI episode

The CBS show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will focus its storyline on coroner Dr. Robbins, portrayed by actor and disability rights advocate Robert David Hall, Thursday April 30. The show appears at 9 p.m. EST. (Thanks to Tari for the tip.)

Hall, who is a double amputee, is National Chair of the PWD Tri-Union Committee for I AM PWD, which works to include more people with disabilities in the performing arts and entertainment media. In addition to his role on "CSI," he has had television guest-starring roles on "West Wing," "Brooklyn South," "Touched By An Angel," "Promised Land," "Love & War" and "Highway to Heaven," and recurring roles on "L.A. Law," "Family Law," "The Practice," "High Incident" and "Life Goes On." He also appeared in the role of Samson in the TNT Emmy-winning mini-series "Andersonville," directed by John Frankenheimer.

"Over one-third of PWDs report that a reasonable accommodation would help them in their work, but nearly two-thirds never asked for an accommodation because they believed employers would be reluctant to hire them," according to I AM PWD. "Many performers are unwilling to be candid about their disability for fear of being viewed as an object of pity and incapable of doing the job."