Saturday, November 28, 2009

Former mayor of Sacramento, who has MS, eyes another run for office

From CBS 13:

SACRAMENTO ― Former Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo (pictured) now says she's considering running again for Sacramento's top spot.

Fargo, who held the office for eight years, says she hasn't made any final decisions. She lost her re-election campaign to Mayor Kevin Johnson one year ago.

"Obviously there are a lot of things going on at city hall. It's a little frustrating to be watching it from the outside, and seeing some of the disarray there," said Fargo. "But you know, there's good people there and they'll just have to sort it out."

Fargo publicized her battle with multiple sclerosis in the last year of her term. She says she's better rested now than she has been in two decades, and says her health is holding steady.