Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Singapore opens center to help kids with disabilities integrate into mainstream schools

From Asia One:

A new centre to help pupils with special needs cope better in mainstream schools opened officially April 20.

The Cognitive Development Learning Centre, certified by the Education Ministry, takes in pupils of mainstream schools, aged six to 12, with autism, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.

The private centre was set up by Mr Gan Peng Hoei, 50, who overcame dyslexia. Pupils attend a 21/2-hour class two to five days a week.

Eight sessions cost $500.

In a group of up to 10 monitored by an educational psychologist, pupils do comprehension and maths exercises tailored to their abilities, play games and chat as a group.

A mother said that her Primary 2 son has performed better in school since he began attending sessions last month.

She credited this to the centre's practice of letting pupils study in 15-minute blocks, which "prevents him from getting bored".