Friday, November 19, 2010

Georgia mayor says she is sorry for making disparaging remarks about disabled people

From WSB Radio:

The Mayor of Forest Park, Ga., says she's sorry for making disparaging remarks about disabled people.

When City Council member Karen Brandee Williams complained about the city's decision not to buy an orthopedic chair for her to use during council meetings, Mayor Corine Deyton's reaction upset some people.

"If you're disabled, then why did you run for office?" she said. "I mean if you're really disabled. I mean that's just the way that I feel about it."

Now the mayor says she was wrong.

"I apologize to all disabled persons who have been or may have been offended by my comment," she told Channel 2 Action News. "It was both insensitive and inappropriate."

Williams says she has to forgive her mayor and notes former Senator Max Cleland proved disabled can serve effectively in office.

"If someone told him years ago, 'you're disabled - you can do anything,' where would he be today," Williams said.