Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deaf contestant, autistic contestant ready for Amazing Race All Stars

From Suite 101:

The Amazing Race's second All-Star edition to include Goths, cowboys, cheerleaders, Globetrotters, and a deaf contestant - all with have unfinished business.

On December 12, 2010, CBS officially confirmed that the next edition of The Amazing Race will be another All-Star edition. Once again, the race will kick off from Los Angeles, California.

Fans and detectives at Reality Fan Forum have already identified the eleven teams who are competing in the new race. Many of them thrived in their original seasons, despite being underestimated or perceived as weaker. Others, despite coming on strong, were eliminated by being out-thought by their competitors or by making game-changing mistakes. All of the contestants have “unfinished business.”

The Amazing Race 12:
Kynt and Vyxsin (Goths): With a fifth-place finish under their belts, these “Gothic energizer bunnies” proved that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Eliminated after having problems with a stick shift, will they have better luck this time?

Ronald and Christina (Father-Daughter): This father-daughter team proved to be strong competitors, as well as one of the most popular teams ever to run The Amazing Race. They are most memorable due to Ronald’s sense of humor.

The Amazing Race 14:
Amanda and Kris (Dating): This young couple was perceived as the biggest threat back in Season 14. That’s why fellow competitors Margie and Luke chose to U-Turn them, a game-changing move that took them out of the game early. Will they be able to fully demonstrate their racing skills this time around, or are they doomed to another early elimination?

Jaime and Cara (Friends): These former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders proved to be strong competitors, although Jaime earned a reputation as being harsh towards locals. Is another top three finish in their future?

Kisha and Jen (Sisters): This sisters and athletes are most memorable for their ongoing feud and rivalry with mother-and-son Margie and Luke, and because they were eliminated for stopping to use the restroom on the way to the pit stop. Have they learned from their mistakes this time?

Mel and Mike (Father-Son): Few would have expected to see famous writer/actor Mike White and his 70 year-old father compete on The Amazing Race once, let alone twice. Now, two years older, will age be a detriment when they are once again competing with teams who are younger and stronger?

Margie and Luke (Mother-Son, pictured): Luke Adams proved that anyone could compete in The Amazing Race when, as the race’s first deaf contestant, he and his mom came in second place. While they came in to their first race underestimated, everyone now knows this mother-son team is a serious threat.

The Amazing Race 15:
Flight Time and Big Easy (Friends): These Harlem Globetrotters competed on The Amazing Race despite losing a friend and teammate right before the race started. Although they were big physical threats, they were eliminated from their first race after failing to complete a Roadblock and receiving a four-hour penalty. Now, with a fresh start, will they be able to make up for this mistake?

Justin and Zev, who has Asperger's (Friends): This team of best friends was eliminated after they lost their passports in Cambodia. After their own mistake took them out of the race the first time around, will they be able to redeem themselves this time?

The Amazing Race 16:
Jet and Cord (Brothers/Cowboys): Despite stumbling early on in the competition, brothers Jet and Cord became fan favorites and fierce competitors who ended up finishing in second place. Already remembered for their catchphrase “Oh my Gravy!”, these Oklahoma cowboys are sure to provide many more memorable moments on this new race.

The Amazing Race 17
Gary and Mallory (Father-Daughter): This Kentucky pilot and his beauty queen daughter were a well-liked team, but they are one of only three teams on the All-Star season who never came first place in a leg of their previous race. Does this father-daughter team have what it takes to win?

A few teams that were surprisingly left out include mother/son Toni and Dallas (TAR13) as well as standouts Brook and Claire (TAR17) and Brian and Ericka (TAR15).