Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby with Down syndrome will be the face of designer’s swimwear ads

From Ad Week:

Models with Down syndrome have been making inroads into advertising lately as part of ensemble casts in circulars and catalogs.

Now, a 10-month-old Miami girl, Valentina Guerrero (pictured), is fronting a whole campaign from the notable Spanish swimwear designer Dolores Cortés. Valentina graces the cover of the new Dolores Cortés USA catalog, and is the face of the brand's 2013 DC Kids ads.

Last Friday, Cortés showed off her new collection in Miami Beach, and brought Valentina out on to the runway.

Valentina is said to be the first person with Down syndrome in history to be the main model of a campaign from a prestigious fashion designer.

"People with Down syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities. I'm thrilled to have Valentina modeling for us," Cortés says.

Dolores Cortés Kids USA will also donate 10 percent of the profits of this collection to the Down Syndrome Association of Miami.