Saturday, July 13, 2013

Actor with Down Syndrome to star in Bollywood film

From The Daily Mail in India:

Mumbai-based Abuli Mamaji suffers from Down's Syndrome, but that isn't stopping him from starring in a forthcoming Bollywood film. 

Abuli will be playing a character close to his real self on screen. 

Director Nikhil Pherwani has cast him as a protagonist suffering from the illness, in his film tentatively titled Ahaan. 

While films based on various illnesses have lately become popular in Bollywood, this is probably the first time that a person suffering from a condition has been cast to play the character on screen. 

"The film is about a new beginning for Ahaan, the character played by Abuli. The message I want to give through the unusual subject is that we should not shun the special adults in our society," Nikhil said. 

The film also casts Adil Hussain of English Vinglish and Life Of Pi fame.
Hussain is cast as Ahaan's uncle Ozzy, who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

A female lead will also be confirmed soon. 

Nikhil met Abuli during his many visits to a special workshop centre in Mumbai. Abuli, 34, seemed an outgoing and interactive person and the filmmaker was curious to know about his life.