Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Disability Visibility Project: A community partnership with StoryCorps in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago

From the Disability Visibility Project:

To mark the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, StoryCorps in San Francisco is reserving a number of sessions from July 2014 – December 2014 for members of the disability community to record their stories. 

How It Works
  • Two people who know each other come to one of 3 stationary booths, located in San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago, to record a meaningful conversation with each other, in any format and language that they choose. For the Disability Visibility Project, feel free to share your stories about the disability experience. What was life like before and after the ADA? How did it impact your life? What do you see in the future for people with disabilities? For more information on StoryCorps, visit http://storycorps.org/about/
  • After a 40-minute recording session, each participant pair goes home with a broadcast quality CD of the conversation that just took place and, with their permission, a copy of the conversation also gets archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. For more on what to expect: http://storycorps.org/what-to-expect/
  • All reservations at the booth are free, although a donation is always appreciated.
  • Depending on community response, more sessions will be added in 2015 for the SF Bay Area disability community.