Monday, November 5, 2018

City University of New York (CUNY) launches Journal of Teaching Disability Studies

CUNY launches new Journal of Teaching Disability Studies  

With the proliferation of disability studies courses, majors, minors and new degree programs, many questions about teaching disability studies have emerged nationally. To help develop the disability studies field, CUNY announces a new journal, the Journal of Teaching Disability Studies, and its first Call for Submissions. Here is a link to the new journal:

The new online, open-source journal will feature peer-reviewed articles and research about disability studies pedagogy. In addition, there is a separate, less formal section for resources and ideas where syllabi, assignments, or questions can be submitted, and a section for students to submit work. JTDS hopes to promote and enhance disability studies pedagogy in a wide variety of educational settings, inviting discussion of disability studies in a broad range of educational settings. 

The Call for Submissions can be found here:

Submissions will be due January 15, 2018 and if all goes well, CUNY hopes to publish the first issue in mid-May.