Monday, October 26, 2009

Man with dyslexia named outstanding new teacher in Great Britain

From BBC News:

A West Yorkshire teacher who overcame dyslexia to achieve his career dream has been named the most outstanding new teacher in the country.

Edward Vickerman (pictured), head of business at The Freeston Business and Enterprise College in Normanton, was given the title at the Teaching Awards in London.

Because of his dyslexia, the 26-year-old said he was sidelined at school and not expected to achieve much.

He was described by a colleague as a "whirlwind" in the classroom.

While working in the hotel industry, Mr Vickerman discovered ways of overcoming his dyslexia and achieved a degree in hotel management, which set him on the road to success.

He then decided to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher and chose to take a postgraduate teaching qualification.

Colleagues and students said Mr Vickerman was an "inspiration to work with" and had invigorated the department, introducing new courses to match student needs.

Mr Vickerman said he gets round his dyslexia by using new technology in lessons rather than communicating by writing.

The Teaching Awards, founded by Lord Puttnam 11 years ago, are open to every school in the UK and reward excellent teachers, head teachers, teaching assistants, governors and sustainable schools.