Monday, October 26, 2009

Vandals hit "Little People, Big World" farm

From KGW-TV in Oregon:

Vandals have struck the farm of the family of little people that star in a popular reality show. Matt Roloff and his family star on "Little People, Big World."

Roloff (pictured) told KGW vandals shot the hand-painted welcome sign at his farm in Hillsboro one night last week.

"We heard the shotguns go off and we raced out there one of the neighbors was out there concerned said his house was right behind the sign and somebody could have gotten hurt," says Roloff. "We'll see if we can figure out who did it and then I'd like to ask them why?"

The Roloffs say the shotgun incident was just the latest in a string of property crimes. They're working with neighbors to keep an eye out for trouble.

The Roloff farm has been a popular spot every October for Halloween, and now attracts fans from around the country.