Thursday, February 18, 2010

Having been made fun of by the show, deaf actress Marlee Matlin weighs in on "Family Guy" Down syndrome controversy

Here are Marlee Matlin's Tweets about it:

Art that offends has been around for centuries. Art is known for pushing limits/boundaries. We cannot censor it but we can create our own

Thanks for all your support re: Family Guy controversy. There's actually no controversy to me. It's all humor. I say lighten up people!

See this background picture here (pictured right). This is not a lady who takes it lying down. I gave them #@*# back AND had FUN. And. look at Seth's face!

I say if you're a public figure you have to EXPECT it from ALL sides. Today EVERYTHING is fair game. And I say MAKE NOISE RIGHT BACK.

Consider me someone who was made fun of and NOT OFFENDED. I just told Alex @#$*% off! LOL

Laughter can be the most important way to get people to take a good look at the problems , with a new view

I told Family Guy if they used someone with Downs Syndrome voice they better use mine next time Be an equal opportunity offender I say! :)

Humor that causes people to talk, make noise is the best kind. All in the Family, 1970s SNL, In Living Color & South Park. MAKES YOU THINK.

they didn't make fun of a child. They showed a Down Syndrome ADULT. And she had SPUNK. Dare I say it was SATIRE? Hmm?

Here's Matlin's official comment on the Family Guy "controversy" (when they made fun of her Nov. 2009.)