Saturday, February 27, 2010

Texas singer-songwriter with autism releases debut album

From My Fox-TV in Houston:

HOUSTON - A musical perspective both unique and provocative. It is the gift of Richmond singer and songwriter Kyle Cousins (pictured).

Cousins' capacity to express with music what so many others living with autism keep locked up inside has offered a welcome window into an often mysterious world.

His debut album "Spectrum" drew devoted fans and now his song "Everybody Wants to be Heard" has been licensed by the national advocacy group Autism Speaks as a national campaign song.

"This isn't just about a few states or a few cities this issue is nationwide, so its the perfect campaign song for this cause, to stop autism once and for all," says the 20-year-old Cousins.

The song has been incorporated in soon to be distributed public service announcements.

For Cousins' proud parents, this thriving and inspiring is a worthy pay-off for years of struggle.

"To be offering this hope to other young families is a miracle to me," says Kyle's mom, Diane Cousins.

For Kyle Cousins, exposure to a new and growing national audience represents a real chance to make a meaningful mark with his music.

"Yes, I do have autism, but really I'm just a singer, that's all."

A self image that says as much about where he's headed, as where he's been.