Monday, April 11, 2011

California high school names student with Down syndrome Prom King

From KMPH-TV in Calif.:

FRESNO, Calif. -- Students at Duncan Polytechnic High School have crowned a new prom king.

The inspiring story of a high school senior, who is now defined by his charming personality and popularity, and not by his disability.

Geronimo Gonzalez (pictured) beat out 9 other candidates for the title of prom king.

A crowning moment, in the life of this high school senior, now the envy of those who dreamed of being in his shoes.

"I had a feeling Geronimo was going to win, but I had that small piece of hope where I thought maybe I could have won, maybe," said Junior Monevilay, a candidate for prom king.

"Yeah, they're jealous," joked Geronimo, who knows the night belongs to him. He worked so hard campaigning in the days leading up to prom; he never doubted himself.

"Yeah, I'm the king," said Geronimo.

Geronimo's energy and charisma is so magnetizing, his fellow classmates were able to look past the fact that he has Down's Syndrome.

"I was thrilled, I thought it was just amazing, we have such a good school and such good students. He deserved to win," said Melissa Reyna, Geronimo's prom date.

"He is the most friendly student, always lends a helping hand, and always has that smile on his face," said Carol Gaab Hansen.

His mentors know this won't be the last big win for Geronimo.

"We are so excited to see him graduate this year, and he's going to go on to bigger and better things," said the principal.

She says Geronimo will always hold a special place in her heart.