Sunday, April 24, 2011

Theatre troupe for people with Down syndrome forming in Nova Scotia

From The Chronicle Herald in Canada:

SYDNEY, Canada — A black light theatre troupe is being formed in Sydney for people with Down syndrome.

"We call it the Weird Beard Black Light Theatre and it’s going to be a lot of fun," said organizer Joanie Cunningham. Cunningham’s son, Nico, was born with the syndrome two years ago and she calls him her ray of sunshine.

"Since then, our family has had so much fun, so many belly laughs all the time," she said. "His outlook on life, already present at this early age, is truly enviable.

"I am hoping that the community we are pulling together will have just as much fun and will see this as an opportunity to be wildly creative as we work together to put on a fun show."

The troupe plans to produce an adapted version of The Three Little Pigs with life-sized puppets. Cunningham said she and a friend are building the puppets together.

"We’re looking for people with Down syndrome and their families to work behind the scenes or onstage," Cunningham added.