Monday, May 25, 2009

New book teaches kids about understanding children with autism

From the Baltimore Examiner:

While it is well known that children with Autism need modifications at school and at home due to their disability, little is mentioned about helping other children learn how to interact with and understand them.

Children with Autism see the world very differently and with the number of children diagnosed with ASD rising, the book The Friendship Puzzle is just what teachers and parents needed.

Geared towards children ages 4-8, this hardback children's book tells the story of one little girl who tries to become friends with a boy in her class who has Autism.

Author Julie Coe explains that "A child with autism may look like all the other kids in school, but may exhibit behaviors that seem strange or different to other children. This can be confusing and create a situation in which 'typical' children do not feel comfortable with or know how to reach out to children with autism."

This book strives to help children understand and feel more comfortable around those diagnosed with Autism.