Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Accessible hot air balloon celebrates universal design in Canada

From MarketWire:

WHITBY, Ontario -- Accessibility First Planning and Design Ltd. congratulates WindReach Farm on the event of its 20th anniversary. In support of the celebrations, Accessibility First, a division of CedarCoast Homes Ltd., is pleased to sponsor the fully accessible hot air balloon "Serena's Song". This hot air balloon has carried more than 15,000 passengers with disabilities through the air over countless miles.

The balloon was named for Serena Waldman, now 23 years old, who suffered complications during birth. When Serena was two, her father Gary dedicated his life to creating an experience for his daughter and other persons with disabilities through the development and flight of this accessible balloon throughout the United States. This is the balloon's first flight in Canada.

"We feel the wheelchair accessible balloon will add to the fun and excitement of this event for everyone", says Bert Bongers of Accessibility First and CedarCoast Homes. "WindReach Farm offers enriching experiences to the lives of its visitors. This is an extension of that spirit."

The user-centered focus of WindReach Farm dovetails with the client-centered approach of CedarCoast Homes and its newest division, Accessibility First Planning and Design.

"We always enjoy getting to know our clients' goals, motivations and needs," say Bongers, "this forms the basis of design for each custom home."

Accessibility First continues this mark of excellence in client communication through careful evaluation of current home design needs and anticipation of future adaptations. "The right attitude and approach informs the design process", says Bongers.

CedarCoast Homes is experienced in the construction of fully accessible homes and buildings. More than that, however, virtually all of its projects integrate a variety of elements of accessibility. Many clients gladly agree to improve the accessibility of their home in order to be more inclusive of family and friends and for resale value purposes.

Accessibility First, Planning and Design Ltd is a fully dedicated team whose efforts focus on accessible design consulting and construction management.

Be it from 'Roadside to Lakeside', or backyard garden, this team produces cohesive interior and exterior designs through the philosophy that one is the natural extension of the other.

"We ensure our clients are informed. Together, we develop a carefully administered budget so they can enjoy a high level of confidence in the choices they make. We help them meet the overall objectives of function and aesthetics in their home", comments Bongers.