Friday, June 26, 2009

Winston-Salem, N.C., breaks ground on apartments for disabled people


GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A special apartment complex for a special group of people is about to be built in Winston-Salem.

The Hunters Hills Apartments will house people with mental and physical disabilities. The community will consist of an apartment building, a community building, and community garden.

The complex is a collaboration between local non-profit agencies to help low income disabled individuals become more independent. President of the Partners for Home Ownership Jane Milner, "Its for all kinds of disabilities, its people with physical, disabilities, mental disabilities, people who may have been injured in the war, people who have been injured in some other way along the way, so its really for anyone, but extremely low income is part of the criteria."

Prospective Hunters Hill tenants must meet several criteria, including having a documented disability, income at or below 30% of the area median income, a source of income such as Social Security Disability Insurance or Veteran's Disability, and other eligibility.