Saturday, August 22, 2009

Neighbor's dog saves wheelchair user from fire

From The Examiner:

Huntsville, Alabama, resident Ray Worrilow had someone save his bacon--literally.

Wheelchair-bound Worrilow was cooking bacon when a grease splatter sparked a fire. He tried to stop the growing blaze, but lost control of his chair and fell to the floor, unable to get back up.

Luckily his neighbor’s five year old German shepherd Deja (pictured) came to his rescue, dragging him by his shirt and barking for backup.

Worrilow said that is it wasn't for Deja he would likely be ash in what is left with his home.

Since the incident, Deja has been recognized by the mayor for her brave actions.

There are plans for Deja and her owner Amy Litaker to travel to schools in local Lincoln County to talk about the importance of caring for animals.