Friday, August 28, 2009

"Sopranos" star goes to Iraq to "Stomp the Stigma" of mental illness


Actor Joe Pantoliano, best known as Ralph from "The Sopranos," has gone to Iraq and will be broadcasting live on Ustream leading up to and during his trip. The first 30-minute live webcast will be August 29 at 11 a.m. PST from the United States.

The stream can be viewed and embedded from:

As part of the Stomp the Stigma tour, with his not-for-profit organization No Kidding, Me Too! (NKM2), Pantoliano will utilize Ustream's interactive features to answer fan questions in real-time, and discuss his preparation for his upcoming trip to Iraq. The Stomp The Stigma Tour has been designed for U.S. troops deployed overseas to not only remove the shame and humiliation attached to mental illness, but to also provide military personnel serving abroad with valuable and informative materials on the subject.

From August 31 until September 10, Pantoliano will also be periodically streaming from military bases in Iraq.