Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disability activists in India stop screening of film they say demeans disabled people

From The Imphal Free Press:

IMPHAL, India -- As a drive towards minimizing stigma and discrimination against handicapped person, activists of the Handicapped Foundation (HDF) forcibly stopped screening of ‘Thadoi’ a Manipuri feature film in digital format, which is now showing at Pratap Talkies in Imphal.

Handicapped Foundation alleged that ‘Thadoi’ carries a message which gives negative impact upon handicapped person.

A sizeable number of HDF activists stormed Pratap Talkies today and snatched away banners and hordings of ‘Thadoi’ displayed at the premise of the popular cinema house of Imphal city.

Speaking to mediaperson during today’s drive against screening of the film, general secretary of HDF Jaswanta said ‘Thadoi’ would be banned throughout the state as the film portray scenes which could enhance stigma and discrimination against handicapped persons.

Jaswanta who led today’s drive at the cinema hall further stated HDF has been trying its best level by to minimize the discrimination against handicapped people organizing various awareness programmes but this film carry messages which could increase discrimination against the handicapped people.

He also appeal to the people of Manipur and concerned authorities as well as film makers to extend support and encouragement to handicapped people without any discrimination.

Later, the director, producer and the unit production team of ‘Thadoi’ along with the members of HD Foundation held a meeting at Pratap Cinema Hall and reached an understanding to stop showing the film.

It may be mentioned that “THADOI” a production of Bright Film Manipur was released on January 17 at BOAT and is currently running at Pratap Talkies from January 18.