Friday, January 29, 2010

Law & Order: SVU casting for disabled actors

Info from IAMPWD:

Please see the casting breakdown below for NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law and Order: SVU
Episode Title: "Disabled"
Location: NYC
Shoot Dates: 2/5-2/17
Auditions: Tuesday, 2/2/10
Casting Director: Jonathan Strauss
Casting Associate: Philip Huffman

Seeking Actors who can portray the following characters:

Male; Any Ethnicity; 20’s-Mid 30’s; Left with a Prosthetic Hand/Arm after having it blown off in Iraq; Optimistic; Baby faced, Anxious but determined; Dial-a-Ride bus driver in training. Is nervous while being taught how to drive the bus by his mentor Tony Griegs. Does not have the hang of it yet, but with some more experience he'll be just fine. When a usual passenger fails to show up at the bus stop, he goes to get her, only to find Cara Riley, raped and badly beaten.(THREE SCENES;15Lines)

Male/Female, Any Ethnicity; 40's-50's+; Passengers with Visible Disabilities on the bus while Jake is doing a test drive. Although the Passengers are anxious to get to their physical therapy they realize that Jake is new to the job and must learn before his mentor Tony Griegs retires.(Teaser, 1-2 Lines each)

Female; Caucasian; 18-21; Wheelchair User with Intellectual or Developmental Disability, who used to take the Dial-A-Ride bus everyday till one day she refused. It is believed that she was sexually abused by the bus driver Tony Griegs. When cops come to talk with her and her mother, Beth is initially frightened, but summons the courage to point out her attacker as well as convey what he did to her. (ONE SCENE, Non-Speaking with many Emotional Reactions)

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