Monday, November 18, 2013

AttitudeLive has new web platform to host disability content in New Zealand

AttitudeLive press release; AttitudeLive can be viewed here:

AttitudeLive is an innovative web-based platform that will transform the way people see disability.

Designed to be the home of disability content, it’s a place where you can watch videos about life with a disability, share information and connect to one another.  

It’s a powerful tool for sharing important messages…and for driving social change.

For nine years Auckland based Attitude Pictures have been producing documentaries, giving a voice to the millions of people living in New Zealand and around the world who live with a disability.

Now they’ve created an online space hosting their back catalogue as well as new videos, blogs, supporting information and curated content selected by the AttitudeLive team.

The brief to developers was simple: to create a site that was accessible anytime, anywhere and by anyone.
That meant it had to look good and function well whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

With this in mind the technical team scoped the best technology available internationally to deliver the most accessible comprehensive integrated platform devoted to disability.

AttitudeLive has a range of accessibility features that function on all devices including the most accessible video player available, audio descriptions and closed captions.

There’s even the option of viewing the written content in OpenDyslexic –a typeface specially designed for people with dyslexia.The design is clean and each section is colour-coded to help users navigate the site.

It's an endeavour led by people with lived experience of disability and embraces the voice of the broader disability community. The team at AttitudeLive seek to empower people through the telling of strong human stories, and by linking users to the global community.