Monday, November 18, 2013

Deaf actress from 'Grimm' Stephanie Nogueras: 'There's nothing in my life that would limit my ability to succeed'

From People magazine:

When Stephanie Nogueras was asked to scream at a recent audition, there was just one thing that had her worried – she has never heard what her scream sounds like!

"The audition called for me to scream aloud and act out being aggressively captured," Nogueras, 23, tells PEOPLE of being cast on the supernatural drama Grimm.

"As a deaf person it was a first for me to have to use my voice. I don't know what it sounded like but it landed me the role."

Nogureras's role as a mermaid on Friday's episode of the NBC show is just the latest success the actress has enjoyed in recent years.

"I'm entering my second season playing Natalie on Switched at Birth, but that was my first acting job. Now, with this role on Grimm under my belt, I am eager for more work," says Nogueras who was born "profoundly deaf."

And while Nogueras feels there are not enough acting roles available for deaf people, she is confident that the number of opportunities will continue to increase.

"I feel the success of Switched at Birth has helped to dispel misconceptions about Deaf actors and our capabilities," she tells PEOPLE. "The Deaf community is rich in culture and talent."

For now, Nogueras is glad to see that her presence in the public eye has been inspiring across the board.

"I am honored to be considered a role model and accept the responsibility to inspire both the Deaf and Hearing alike to overcome challenges and fight with limitless faith to achieve their dreams and goals," she says. "There is nothing in my life that would limit my ability to succeed."