Friday, August 27, 2010

New season will be last for "Little People, Big World"

From New York magazine:

When we last saw Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff, he was doing a full Fred Sanford -- clutching his chest, falling on to the floor and leaving the world to wonder whether he had gone to join Herve Villechaize and Billy Barty in Famous Little People Heaven.

Despite blog speculation to the contrary, it appears Roloff survived. His show, however, is done: TLC just announced it was pulling the plug on Little People after a four-year run.

There's been a lot of change at TLC in the past year, with American Chopper getting canceled (and then revived in a new form) and Jon and Kate Plus Eight falling apart in the wake of its stars' nasty divorce (though the Gosselins can still be seen via specials).

Perhaps this means the Roloffs might yet return, perhaps as guest stars on Sarah Palin's new TLC series! For now, viewers can count on one more season of Little People: The show's swan song begins airing Sept. 6.